How To Identify Your Lawnmower

For spare parts, in order for us to supply the correct items you will need to identify the machine. For lawnmowers there will usually be an identification plate or sticker located on the "deck" or "chassis" of the lawnmower. It will give lots of information including Manufacturer, Model Code Type, Year, Serial Number. Having all this information is crucial in determining which parts to supply.

Here is an example identification plate:
Engine Plate

Engine Plate

Model Info

From this plate we can see the manufacturer is GGP Italy - even though the mower is called Tuffcut with a Briggs and Stratton engine, the manufacturers name is hidden away and is not really a household name - they make mowers under many different brand names. The model is MGL534TR - again, apart this plate this model number is not mentioned anywhere else on the machine.

The large 96dB is a sound rating. We can also see the year of manufacture - 2009, the weight, and some serial numbers. So we can see that the identification plate is very important.

Information about spare parts for Petrol Engine Mowers

It is not always commonly know that lawnmower petrol engines are manufactured and documented separately from the rest of the lawnmower, and usually have their own unique model codes. For example a Hayter lawnmower probably has an engine made by, and documented by, Honda or Briggs and Stratton. Therefore if parts are required for the petrol engine, you must provide the details of the engine, not the mower.

So if you are wanting spark plugs, air / oil / fuel filters, carb gaskets, fuel tanks, recoil starters, fuel caps or dipsticks etc.. - all of this parts are engine parts and we will require the engine data to process the enquiry.

Here is how to locate the engine data for a Briggs and Stratton engine, as fitted to many many machines:
Engine ID

Engine ID


From this we can see that the engine has the following details:
Model Type Code
9T502 0111 B1 08080852

With these details we shoulbe be able to bring up a diagram of the engine and supply the correct parts.

Briggs & Stratton Video